Countryside Veterinary Service

Countryside Veterinary Service

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204 S Main St, Canyonville, OR 97417, USA

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(541) 839-6200

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Is this your vet? Request your pet's records from Countryside Veterinary Service


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Dana Caro

2 months ago

Super disappointed in my FIRST visit here with an unfriendly receptionist. We just moved here and was hoping for some local and great vet service. I made this appointment a week ago, and was thankful we could get in. When I arrived there, a little bit early (needed to give them transfer paperwork) I was kindly greeted by a younger female receptionist. I went back out to my car to grab something and an older receptionist now was helping me (after making me wait through multiple phone calls and personal conversation). She was rude and short tempered with me, all because there was no information given to me. She ignored my requests multiple times. Unfortunately, I did not receive a proper apology from this member and rather had her supervisor call me upon request. The supervisor had the conversation on speaker phone, and then cut me off while I was speaking. He did not welcome us back nor ask us if we still wanted to receive care but yet said β€œsorry” about the situation. What happened to customer service these days? Super disappointed. I hope this doctor realizes who is running his office, seems like multiple members of our community have had issues with these people.

Don Reed

a year ago

Took good care of my horse with first visit

Rose 17

4 weeks ago

They are kind and compassionate. They don't leave you outside in the parking lot with no consultation. They bring you inside and go over everything before they treat your pet.


4 months ago

I wanted to let the world know how much I appreciate the clinic. My dog who is loved very much by us needed emergency surgery and could not find any veterinary to help or even take on new clients. I thought I was going to have to watch my dog die. Thank goodness I called them They went above and beyond to help us. They even cut her toe nails thank you countryside vet from the bottom of our hearts we appreciate you!!!

Jennifer Knight

a year ago

Countryside vet was able to work us in even with their already overbook schedule.. very happy with our service !! Thanks for everything 😊

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About Requesting Your Pet’s Records

With Great Pet, you can get the most up-to-date copy of your pet's medical records from Countryside Veterinary Service in just a few simple steps! Your pet's medical records are often required when booking local pet services like grooming, daycare, and training. They can also be used when traveling, staying in hotels, and more.