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VCA Clackamas Animal Hospital

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16756 SE 82nd Dr, Clackamas, OR 97015, USA

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Rhi Soto

2 weeks ago

The vet was never condescending, or harsh. She tried her best to meet our needs. My cat is still taking a while to improve, but he has actually be improving with this clinic. My old vet before recommended this place since it is a specialty clinic, but said in the end they would charge me a hundred dollars and say my cat was a lost cause. They were wrong, and my cat is now walking around living a little life. I'm very grateful for this clinic.

Kelly Mastbaum

2 weeks ago

I was referred to the Clackamas branch of VCA animal hospitals after bringing my dog to their emergency Southeast location with GI issues and inappetence.) Over the course of the next few days, I interacted with a number of staff members, ranging from Reception, vet techs and two doctors. Each interaction made me feel confident that my dog was in good hands and that they cared about his well-being. My dog’s diagnosis wasn’t easy to pin down, and a number of tests were run over the course of two days. Dr. Billings was the primary vet and was outstanding. She called me every step of the way, kept me informed on what every procedure or test would entail, and then called me the next day to follow up on my dog’s blood work. A few days later, new symptoms arose and I called the hospital on a Sunday morning (my regular vet has been impossible to get an appointment with since the pandemic started.) They were short-staffed, but a second doctor took my phone call and talked me through my options, really helping to relieve some of my anxiety. I can’t express how grateful I am for her making herself available for a phone consultation. I highly recommend this location for Veterinary services.

Karmen Pavlovsky

3 months ago

Thank you to VCA Northwest Veterinary Specialist for getting our French Bulldog puppy Huck in so fast and for taking the best care of him! Thank you for helping us out and having the best staff members they were all so personable, answered all of our questions and took all our phone calls! If anyone ever needs a specialist we suggest you go there! Karmen, Justin and Huck

Julie Yeggy

a year ago

Called urgently at 5 pm for a cat that was old and suffering. They treated us compassionately. Highly recommend Dr. Ellie Bohrer who was kind and caring and gentle.

Valekyrie 2000

a month ago

The most horrible Veterinarian experience of my life. My cat has a lump that had developed an abscess. She immediately started talking about "basil cells" and cancer treatment without discussing the age of the cat (13), my wishes or my financial situation. I was presented with a $3000 estimate by a technician. I said I could not afford it and they simply cleaned the wound, sold me a dog "cone" for $8 and sent me on my way $260 poorer. The collar on my cat made it impossible for her to eat or drink. The wound did not get stitched and now she will have a nasty scar covered lump poking out of her skin. I've never been to a vet who cared so little for the animal.

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About Requesting Your Pet’s Records

With Great Pet, you can get the most up-to-date copy of your pet's medical records from VCA Clackamas Animal Hospital in just a few simple steps! Your pet's medical records are often required when booking local pet services like grooming, daycare, and training. They can also be used when traveling, staying in hotels, and more.