South Willamette Veterinary Clinic

South Willamette Veterinary Clinic

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255 Emerald Pkwy, Creswell, OR 97426, USA

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(541) 895-5665

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a year ago

I've been to many vet clinics around the Eugene/Springfield area, although South Willamette is a distance, it's the best I've been to. I feel like my pets have been well cared for by Dr. Teplin, the facility is clean and the staff friendly. For the price and service, I gladly drive a half hour to come here.

Brittini Giffen

3 months ago

I've been with South Willamette for a decade and a half, and they've never let me down. My husky recently had an ear infection, and the vet actually completed a full exam IN MY CAR, because they know that he gets super anxious in the building. When my previous dog, a very loved, very elderly Saint Bernard was at the end of her life, they came to our home, to help her pass on where she could be as comfortable and stress free as possible. The very kind and compassionate tech sat on my kitchen floor with me while I ugly cried. I've got two of the most cantankerous old cats you'll ever meet, and even they don't complain about going to the vet...(except while I'm trying to beg and bribe them into the carriers) All the staff at South Willamette genuinely cares, and they will do their absolute best to provide excellent medical care for your furry family members.


a year ago

The staff here are great, I felt like my animals were provided wonderful medical care

Oregon Alive

a month ago

SW Vet clinic saved me so much money doing what’s right - a few years ago emergency vet clinic wanted almost $2000 for a procedure that this place respectfully disagreed was required and $200 later my pup is healing just fine. I’m so thankful for them and their honesty!

derek cropp

in the last week

So, I very rarely write google reviews. The only reason I do so now, is I would like to spare the same treatment that we recently encountered for current/potential clients. We are unable to rely on this clinic in any urgent care capacity (they constantly refer us to a walk-in clinic). We had come to live with that fact, accepting that rarely is the "grass greener on the other side of the hill". Now, we certainly can not rely on them to follow through on realistic scheduling. The clinic sends out emails that your animal is due for an annual exam and shots. Called to make the appt, scheduled out for 2-3 weeks. They called us within 24 hrs. of our appt. to reschedule approx. 2 weeks out. I said sorry, we have a very busy summer and to reschedule would be difficult. They said no problem, we will take care of you. We confirmed if we showed up on time, would there be a wait...no wait, we will see you at the scheduled appt. Showed on time and then had to wait 30 min. It was at that point we had decided to take our business elsewhere. When I politely asked to have my pet's records sent to another clinic, the receptionist snickered as if I were ridiculous. She was young, and I get it. But to rationalize that they had called within 24 hours of the the scheduled appt. to reschedule 2 weeks out....naah!!! In the 6-7 years that I have been taking my pet to this clinic, rarely had I seen the same vet/dr. Not sure what that means.

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About Requesting Your Pet’s Records

With Great Pet, you can get the most up-to-date copy of your pet's medical records from South Willamette Veterinary Clinic in just a few simple steps! Your pet's medical records are often required when booking local pet services like grooming, daycare, and training. They can also be used when traveling, staying in hotels, and more.