Banfield of Tanasbourne

Banfield of Tanasbourne

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1295 NW 185th Ave, Hillsboro, OR 97006, USA

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(503) 466-2000

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kendra white

3 weeks ago

Our family has been going to this Pet Hospital for 8+ years. Unfortunately one of our dogs got diagnosed with diabetes. We were told that they would walk us through. Instead they gave us the insulin and said the instructions were easy. Well , my mother can't see so well and we are not doctors. She ended up overdosing her dog and rushing her to the E.R. . If banfield would have gave better help and guidance like they said they would. This would have never happened.

Noah Ó Mórain-Rush

in the last week

I called to find out how much it would cost to spay a cat, as I have a new kitten that will need to be spayed in a couple months. The lady who answered was very sweet, but didn't really want to give me a solid answer—I used to work in a call centre, so I recognised the tactic of trying to rope you in before giving a quote so they can pressure you into moving forward with the procedure then and there. I understand it from a business perspective, but we're talking about the health of my baby here, not reroofing my house. Just be straight with me. I politely said I understood but wanted to know their base cost and what circumstances would increase that price; after a brief hold, she said that she couldn't tell me extra details without coming in, but that the base charge would be $300 to have her spayed. Now, it's been quite a while since I've had a cat that needed to be spayed, but that sounds pretty darn high to me. Not sure, I'm trying to look around and get some quotes, and Banfield was the first place I called, so I may edit this review if I find out it's not as high as it seems. I just figured I'd give other pet owners a head start with the information provided to me. TL;DR - Beat around the bush when asked for spay price, which ended up being a baseline of $300. Other than that, customer service was very professional.

Ennis Sarac

2 months ago

They caused my cat to lose his leg! We always say "no" when we are asked if we want him to have the leukemia vaccine. They didn't ask last time and gave it to him without our consent. He ended up developing a vaccine site Fibrosarcoma tumor. They told us it was benign. After taking him somewhere else for more testing, turns out that it's pretty aggressive and that he needed his leg removed. The leg removal didn't even get rid of all of it so now we have to take him to get radiation therapy. They do don't care about animals. All they want is your money!

Anthony Sermino

5 months ago

I had to drive down to talk to somebody. They do not answer the phone. U end up in this huge loop.

Maddie M

9 months ago

Can’t be bothered to answer the phone! I’ve left a message and I’ve been patient calling 3 days in a row. I like this location but not reliable!

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About Requesting Your Pet’s Records

With Great Pet, you can get the most up-to-date copy of your pet's medical records from Banfield of Tanasbourne in just a few simple steps! Your pet's medical records are often required when booking local pet services like grooming, daycare, and training. They can also be used when traveling, staying in hotels, and more.