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2211 11th Ave, North St Paul, MN 55109, USA

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(651) 777-8391

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Is this your vet? Request your pet's records from North St. Paul Animal Hospital


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Emma Dillinger

2 weeks ago

Very disappointed in the vet there. The lady at the front desk was great but the actual vet didn’t seem to know much about Cats and didn’t seem to want to be there. I told her the issue and she basically told me it was a UTI (which I knew) and it was up to me what I wanted to do. I kept asking for her recommendation and she basically said whatever I thought. I’m like your the vet I’m here to get your recommendation. I also felt like she was blaming me for the UTI. Very bad bedside manor. Would not go back.

Audrey Lienke

7 months ago

This vet clinic is AMAZING!!!! I’ve had trouble finding a good clinic for my little buddy fives but this place is awesome. I was able to get him in right away and they were very kind and patient when it came to paperwork. The building is clean, the staff are outstanding and it’s not too far of a drive for me. My cat ended up being diagnosed with round worms :( but thanks to the vets he is now worm free and healthy again! We even got a letter in the mail signed with everyone’s names as a thank you for choosing them, which I find super cute. I’ll definitely be sticking with this clinic!

Tamra Howell

3 months ago

I have taken various dogs of mine over 30 years to NSP Animal Hospital. The vets are extremely knowledgeable and diagnosed my schnauzer with IMHA who was acting lethargic and made arrangements to have her immediately seen at the emergency animal clinic in Oakdale. It has been almost 3 yrs and I still have my little girl with me. I just recently had a blood draw (CBC) at NSP animal hospital to make sure her IMHA is still in check, and had sticker shock at the cost of a simple CBC (over $100). I had been taking my girl to our normal vet in Crosslake, MN and was only paying around $60. The vet doctors are wonderful at NSP but due to their costs it is more cost efficient for me to drive to Crosslake, MN and see my other vet.


5 months ago

For 200 all i got was a ear cleaning and rabies shot. And ear drops you can buy for $15 at the store. I was told by vet Smith to stop the meds. But they wouldn't prescribe another med without MORE MONEY! This place is all about your MONEY

Jes Sylvestre

4 months ago

The staff is always friendly but direct and this is the only place my dog will let trim her nails.

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About Requesting Your Pet’s Records

With Great Pet, you can get the most up-to-date copy of your pet's medical records from North St. Paul Animal Hospital in just a few simple steps! Your pet's medical records are often required when booking local pet services like grooming, daycare, and training. They can also be used when traveling, staying in hotels, and more.