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Kylie Wilkin

a month ago

Just adopted a kitten from CAT about 2 weeks ago, and it's been the most wonderful experience. My kitty got sick and they allowed me to take him in for a checkup with the shelter vet there on site, he just had a mild Upper Respiratory Infection and they gave me lots of medications and yummy wet foods for him to try to eat, as he wasn't having much of an appetite. Every part of the experience was wonderful and pleasant. They were kind, thorough in treating my new kitty, and I wouldn't ever go anywhere else. Thank you Cat Adoption Team! 😺🙏❤️✨ (Monty is pictured here, snoozing on me.)

Chris Lee

a month ago

It felt like no one upstairs really cared unless I was adopting today. I planned to adopt in the near future but not immediately because of my family’s allergies. There was no one else at the center except for staff. Basically I asked for a room with Mocha. We were vibing at her cage just before. The staff said, “yes we can do that. For sure. Are you adopting today?” And I replied, “no not today but I plan to once I move out. My family is very allergic.” The staff then said, “Oh…I see. Well we can let you see Mocha at her cage.” I was pretty disappointed but figured the staff knew best and followed along. At Mocha’s cage I heard, “we can’t move the cats that much because they get stressed out.” But once the cage was opened, Mocha tried getting out 3 times and didn’t seem to want to stay in the cage… didn’t seem very stressed to me. She actually seemed MORE stressed when the staff just locked the cage after saying, “yeah I don’t think she’s going to be good today. This is the best we can do.” At this point I was honestly pretty speechless and confused. I stayed a few more minutes to say bye to Mocha and then left. Maybe someone can correct me but I just felt like I got a cop out response because I wasn’t ready to adopt literally THIS afternoon. I’ve gone to other adoption clinics in the past and priority was always given to those looking to adopt, which is fine…but they never turned people away who wanted to meet with the cats and see which ones they liked the most. That’s what it felt like today, to say the least. :/


a month ago

Not quite the average shelter! This is apparently the largest shelter* in the PNW and it is fantastic. We visited a couple times before finding our purrfect match and each time the shelter was impeccably clean and well there were lots of staff and volunteers working with the cats. We had to go through a couple steps to be allowed to adopt our boy so you can see they really try to find the best match for the cats. They provided good resources as well so we didn't feel like we were on our own. Highly recommend this place and couldn't have nicer things to say about the staff! *cat only shelter

A Ghost's Reflection

2 months ago

This will be the second cat I've gotten from CAT. I cannot speak highly enough of this place. I've seen adoption places where the cats look just miserable, this is NOT one of those places. You can tell that the cats here are expertly cared for, and that the staff genuinely loves all of the cats who come through that door. Every cat I've seen there looks to be very happy, and content while waiting for their forever home. The staff are also very easy to work with, very patient, open to questions, and they know what they are talking about. Even though there are plenty of cat adoption places nearby me, and this one is about a half hour drive from me, this will always be my first choice for adoption.

Michael Kirkpatrick

11 months ago

Took my sick cats and fostered them awesome

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